Our Mission

Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique is a physical space located in the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont that brings together a community of individuals (women, minorities, LGBTQ groups) who identify with geek culture, but have traditionally been underserved by comic shops.


We are Inclusive

We are a modern, pleasant and safe space for all ages and genders with events that are inclusive and fun for our customers to attend. We will continuously innovate on products and event content to bring new customers into the store and keep existing customers coming back.

We are Helpful

We show our customers how to select comic series using short conversations, local partnerships, comic subscriptions, recommendation boards, and an innovative approach that breaks down barriers-to-entry by bundling comics by a theme/creator with an informed shop-written narrative.

We Curate Quality

We focus on quality and curate art, clothing, jewelry, accessories, and cosplay supplies in addition to our comic and graphic novel offerings. We purchase and support local creators whenever we can.


We are Geeks with a Conscience

We feature high-end geek fashion: working with select designers and licensed movie costume replicators. We commission exclusive product designs by artists who are paid for their work and we do not work with businesses who steal art. We support comic, cosplay, science fiction and fantasy creators and partner with them in our space to garner exposure and new customers. We support women and minority owned suppliers, and prioritize showcasing products from local and regional businesses.