Jill Taplin - FOuNdER aND ceO

Jill is a Yankee raised in the South, returned to NYC, gallivanted to Austin, Texas to meet and marry the best man around, and luckily ended up in her favorite place in the world -- Seattle, Washington. She has been here 6 years, worked in comic publishing for 3 years and trade/educational publishing for 15. Jill was a shop girl through high school and college and is returning to her retail roots to write the playbook for a comic boutique. 

Reagan Taplin - chIEf strATEgeY oFfiCeR

Reagan is a Texan who sweats continuously, and has run role playing games for 20 years. His work focus is for startup Worldspinner.com - which spins custom maps and campaigns for any DM/GM out there. Also, you can't make something too spicy for him. 

James Haick - cHiEF fINanCiAL oFFicEr

James Haick lives in Florida and is the writer and creator of Solar Flare, a dystopian comic about a dad on a quest to find his daughter in a dim, technology-free world. James has a degree in finance, which helps him run his 7,001 businesses.

Andrew Funk - ChIeF VeXilLolOgiSt

This guy loves flags and otters, and has been helping us with the day to day operations and running of the shop, providing his many skills for the many things that need doing. He also likes beer and likes his enchiladas with both red and green sauce, or "Christmas."

Sarah Funk - SeNiOr ViCE PResIDenT oF pAnCakes aNd SuNDriEs

Sarah is a member of the advisory board for Outsider, along with some other very amazing folks. She has another job that gives her a paycheck and she is very good at strategy, product management and document writing.

Advisory Board

Heather Nuhfer - Comic Writer, Grand Moff

Paul Morrissey - Comic Editor, Writer

Joshua Bam - Legal Council

Ian Hill - Legal Advisor and Research, Contractor

Margaret McCall - Artist, Editor, Advisor and Corgi Designer

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