Jill Taplin - Owner//Principal//CEO//Curator

Jill spent over 15 years in book publishing and fell in love with the team dynamic creating comics. After realizing it's ok to not like superhero comics, and falling in love with geek fashion and cosplay, she decided to do something about it and open an inclusive space for everyone interested in any pop culture. She is also a proud Alopecian of 25 years, and supports https://naaf.org. Her favorite type of comics are dystopian and adorable/humor (i.e. Bitch Planet, Black Hammer, Catboy, The Flintstones).

Reagan Taplin - Chief Strategy Officer//Lead Game Buyer

Reagan is a Texan who sweats continuously, and has run role playing games for 20 years. His work focus is for startup Worldspinner.com - which spins custom maps and campaigns for any DM/GM out there. He will edit the hell out of your content, and turn it into a quest. Also, you can't make something too spicy for him. His favorite comic is the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

James Haick III - Chief Financial Officer//Back Issue Buyer

James Haick lives in Florida and is the writer and creator of Solar Flare, a dystopian comic about a dad on a quest to find his daughter in a dim, technology-free world. James has a degree in finance, which helps him run his 7,001 businesses. His favorite comic is Milk & Cheese and he collects comics. If you have a large collection to sell, James is your guy.

Andrew Funk - Chief Vexillologist//Subscription Manager//General Manager

This guy loves flags and otters, and has been helping us with the day to day operations and running of the shop, providing his many skills for the many things that need doing. He also likes beer and likes his enchiladas with both red and green sauce, or "Christmas."

Amanda Kwan - Marvel Genius//Assistant Manager

Mission Report: Having escaped containment from its previous store in San Francisco, the swamp creature dubbed "Amanda" has been discovered hissing about superheroes in the walls of Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique. When it is not harvesting human souls, Amanda runs the store's monthly book club and pursues a Master of Library and Information Science at the University of Washington.

Katelyn Goodheart - Sales Associate Extraordinaire

Kate is the resident Neil Gaiman expert. She came into comics through Sandman and hasn't looked back. In graphic novels, she believes that the art should draw you in, but it's the story that keeps you. When she's not reading, she creates costumes or takes trips on her Triumph motorcycle. Favorite series (after Sandman): Animosity, Autumnlands, The Beauty, Lucifer, Rebels, Saga, The Wicked and the Divine.

Sofia Martin - Sales Associate Extraordinaire

First-time sales-person, long-time reader of comics. Loves: fantasy/sci-fi; the rainy Seattle weather; chocolate chip cookies. Dislikes: that split second of confusion when reading an unfamiliar four-sided dice

Sarah Funk - Senior VP Strategy, Pancakes and Sundries//Buyer//Advisor to the CEO

Sarah is a member of the advisory board for Outsider, along with some other very amazing folks listed below. She has another job that gives her a paycheck, and she is very good at strategy, product management and document writing. She also finds the shop some really cool stuff.

Advisory Board

Heather Nuhfer - Comic Writer, Grand Moff

Paul Morrissey - Comic Editor & Writer, Minister of Bothan Intelligence

Joshua Bam - Legal Council, Chief Nihilist

Ian Hill - Legal Advisor, Shop Contractor/Sales, Poet Laureate

Margaret McCall - Artist, Editor, Advisor and Corgi Designer, Poet Laureate

Associated Businesses

Worldspinner.com - A new tool for fantasy roleplaying, worldbuilding, and map making. Check it out at https://worldspinner.com.




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